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Drawing in response to Época by Gotan Project

Performed in October 2021

This piece of paper started with a long ink splash across the length of it from a previous piece by Alicia Corbett who was tracking the movement of a bucket swinging across a studio while leaking ink from a hole at the bottom of it. I covered where the splash was with charcoal pigment, after I had rollered baby oil onto the surface, to bring back the rich darkness of the ink that was lost after priming the paper. 

Gotan Project is a group based in Paris who's music is based on Argentine tango combined with elements such as samples, beats, and breaks. The resulting marks were sharp and angular to match the staccato beats in the music. The combination of painterly marks where the oil had blended with the pigment and the texture left in the untouched pigment was glorious and created a deep richness within the final piece.

The crisp contrast between the black pigment on the white paper creates a bold effect when inverted. It transforms the colour photographs into ghostly scenes that radiate the ephemeral nature of my performances and remind the viewer that these images are only documents of the performance which is where the art lies.

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