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Doing, Being, Becoming.

Degree Show Performance in the Salford university Fine Art studios
6:30pm Thursday 26th of May 2022

For my degree show piece I recorded the marks that I made during the live performance by attaching contact microphones to the walls and floor of the space.

The performance drawing then evolved into an installation of the remnants from the performance with the recorded marks playing in the space through an old amp. The addition of the dress that I wore during the performance and the wet wipes that my friend Katie used to clean the charcoal off of my body after the performance capture the essence of what happened in this space and complete the final installation perfectly.

The tech side of my performances is always the part I struggle with the most but I'm really chuffed with how the final installation feels. Swipe to the end to see my dad trying to come to terms with entering the space to feel it from the inside 😂 feel free to walk into the space to experience it for yourself if you pop in.

The Degree show was open to the public in the New Adelphi building among the amazing work on show from the 2022 graduates of Salford school of Art, Media, and Creative Technology.

For this performance I created a soundtrack from music used in the 5 rhythm wave therapy dance sessions I was attending. I edited the songs into a 13min soundtrack. Listened to that soundtrack through headphones. Drew in response to the rhythms and impulses I was feeling. Recorded my markmaking in one long recording. Edited it together with the heartbeat backing track that Lauren created for programme day. She allowed me to play her music live on the night.

All the tools that were used to create marks and sounds for the contact microphones to pick up

Remnants from the degree show performance drawing

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