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For 10 minutes I responded to a 5rhythm wave in the Made It 2023 exhibition in Rogue Studios. Themes of repetition and connection were exposed.


Performing live for the first time at the West Art Collective x Dyke Trash Presents: Sapphic - exploring the concept of Deep Listening by responding to a voice and accordion piece by Pauline Oliveros.


My therapist told me to embrace my shame in my art so for this project I embrace feeling sorry for myself and responding to music through headphones.


Drawing to record the sounds of my mark making  through contact microphones taped to the paper.


For 15 minutes I responded to a 5rhythm wave in this space at some point during the opening night between 5-8:30pm. Themes of lockdown and repetition and claustrophobia were exposed.


Covid-19 kept me locked in my room for 12 days leading to me drawing under hypnosis and performing drawing in response to a five rhythm wave of music.

hypnosis still 3_edited_edited.jpg

Drawing in response to argentine tango music to explore a different style of mark making.


Drawing in response to Let It Go by James Bay - a piece of music which resonates deeply with my sense of self.

4k let it go side view.00_01_58_18.Still003.jpg
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