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Let It Go

Performed on November 1st 2021

Performance drawing in response to Let It Go by James Bay using charcoal sticks and charcoal pigment. Documented through polaroid camera and two different angles of video recording. Maria Christou was tasked with documenting the performance drawing as it developed but was restricted by the limitations provided by the Polaroid camera. Every release of the shutter penetrated the music playing in the space as well as the flash burning a bright light into the retinas of everyone in the space. I could feel her tense up with the anxiety of her presence in the room: there was definitely a sense that she was intruding on my sacred ritual that was unshakable. I took the audience on a journey through the song as I gradually became one with the piece.

Let It Go
final let it go.jpg

Remnants of the Let It Go performance drawing
Charcoal sticks and pigment on raw paper
3.5m x 3.5m

let it go still 1_edited.jpg
let it go still 2_edited.jpg
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