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Born in London, UK

Half English, Half French

Lives and works in Salford, Greater Manchester

Chloé Julia Smith graduated from the University of Salford in 2022. Her performance drawing practice thrives in collaboration; her most recent projects include responding to soundscapes mixed live in the space by a musician, and examining the role of performance art as testimony in repealing Ireland's Eighth Amendment in collaboration with a PHD student. Her art podcast Born To Create seeks to show the value in art and captures a little bit of inspiration from a new artist in each episode. Recent exhibitions include MADE IT by Short Supply at HOME Gallery, the UOS Degree Show 2022, West Art Collective x Dyke Trash Presents: Sapphic at Antwerp Mansion 2022, the 20:20 Print Exchange in 2021, "Rethink Refund Reboot" printed Exhibition Zine 2021, and "Painted" the Myssfit All-Ternative Magazine, Issue #24, in 2020. She also performed live in the digital performance laboratory in Media City for Programme Day in 2022.

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2019-22 BA(hons) Fine Art, University of Salford, Manchester, UK

2016-17 BA(hons) Stage Management, Birmingham City University, UK


Group Exhibitions:

2023: HERE AND QUEER, Withington Public Institute, UK

2023: Unapologetic Self, Islington Mill, UK, Salford

2022: Late Bloom, The Window Gallery in Salford University, UK, Salford

2022: MADE IT, HOME Gallery, UK, Manchester

2022: University of Salford Degree Show, New Adelphi studios, UK

2022: West Art Collective x Dyke Trash Presents: Sapphic, Antwerp Mansion, screen print and live performance, UK, Manchester

2022: Programme day, DPL Media City, 5 rhythm wave collaborative performance with Lauren Chapman

2022: West Art Collective x Reset The System, Antwerp Mansion, UK, Manchester

2021: 20:20 Print Exchange

2021: Rethink Refund Reboot, Exhibition Zine

2021: Windows of Opportunity, The Haworth Charitable Trust Life Class. - Online Exhibition

2020: Painted, Myssfit All-Ternative Magazine, Issue #24

Chloé is a Manchester based queer visual artist and performer from London. Her work thrives in collaboration as she explores a performative drawing practice that incorporates dance and sound as a form of holistic therapy. She responds to music, avant-garde soundtracks, or even spoken word to explore internal processing in relation to external automatic expression through physical movement, making visible her inner most sensations and impulses. She explores the use of mark making and its influence on the way a movement develops; however, she is also fascinated by how music and dance can manipulate the impulses to draw.


She makes visual the inner world we all inhabit, it is an intangible place but for her it has shape, it shifts and holds its own rhythms. She focuses on being present in a space and uses the connection of her feet on the paper to ground her dissociative neuro-divergent mind into the present moment, turning the drawings into a writing of time.


She sees life as energy in motion. Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. It is those rhythms, and sensations that are at the centre of her work, rather than trying to capture a sequence of individual thoughts. Each line she draws is layered with a different intensity and history and remains as a record of the moment during which it was traced, turning the work into a writing of time.


2021: Project Manager and Exhibiting Artist for the 'RETHINK. REFUND. REBOOT.’ zine exhibition at the University of Salford -

2021: WOO - Haworth Charitable Trust Life Class Exhibition successful submission of life drawing sketch with pro-marker -

2020: MYSSFIT ALL-TERNATIVE MAGAZINE | June 2020 Painted| ISSUE #24, artwork published p.40-41-


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