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Feel It Still

Performed on November 1st 2022

For this performance I wanted to experiment with recording the sounds that the creation of the drawing produced. I opted to use 4 contact microphones placed near each corner of the paper and an ambient mic to record a soundtrack for the performance. I listened to a song through earphones so that the only person experiencing the influence of music was me. The audience experienced the performance without the added element of music, therefore only hearing the scratches and squeaks of my movements across the paper. It added a wall of disconnect between performer and audience because I couldn't hear what they were hearing and they couldn't hear what I was hearing. 

Feel It Still

I see tentativeness and meltdown in my marks as well as revolving feelings that feel endless like an infinity symbol. I also see snakes or ribbons and regret as well as a feeling of floating away in the spinning circle marks. I see restriction from the edges of the paper and attraction to the contact microphones on the floor which created denser drawings around each microphone. I approached each microphone and performed for its benefit during my performed drawing. The listening ear became my soul focus and the way my body translated it into marks could be reminiscent of the Sak Yant Unalome symbol. 

remnants of the Feel It Still performance drawing

Edited photos of the final drawing


Remnants from the Feel It Still Performance Drawing

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